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Here the minibus!!!

Here is the new minibus of Shukurani childrens home. It ‘s already been tested for our trip to Bagamoyo on the occasion of the International Festival of Music in which the group took part. Many thanks to all who have made possible the realization of this dream.

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Support Kisedet with 5×1000 (only in Italy)

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“Chigongwe Family” new children care centre



The objective is to implement a children care centre for 60 children both orphans and street children.


KISEDET has been managing a children care centre in Dodoma, currently hosting 35 children of both sexes. These years it has become more and more necessary to host children in a facility set outside the urban environment and where it is possible to set up educational and leisure activities that are presently impossible. Another reason for our association to set another children care centre is to face the increasingly bigger problem of street children in Dodoma. In facts, they are still using substances similar to drugs (glues, gasoline, and so on). This is why we have decided to move this centre to the village of Chigongwe on the outskirts of the town, where the town council has donated KISEDET an area of about 25 hectares. In turn KISEDET has donated the village 140 metal sheets worth 1200 euros to cover the roof of a classroom in the secondary school that is being built.


Expected works Depending on the collection of the necessary funds, 3 stages are expected for the scheme.

First stage – Registering at the land registry and obtaining the property rights, getting connected to the water pipelines and making a water tank, building  boys’ and girls’ hostels over ten years of age and lodgings for the keeper and warehouse, cleaning, planting and farming part of the ground. The expected works of this stage are the object of the present proposal.

Second stage – Getting connected to the electric network of the village, building a hostel for children up to ten years of age, building  boys’ and girls’ hostels over ten years of age, building a facility used as a canteen, kitchen, offices and rooms for the operators, furniture.

Third stage – building facilities used to breed small animals, a little carpentry laboratory, getting small basic farming tools, building a guesthouse and leisure and sports facilities.

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Responsible Tourism


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Children sponsorship

CHILD SPONSORSHIP All the children have the same rights, no matter the country they live in. In Western wealthy countries we care our children don’t grow fat (with all the negative consequences on their health!); in Tanzania most of the children have only one meal a day and other goods and services that for us are basic (clothing, education and so on) to some of them are still a dream. Some children have their school uniforms and their Sunday clothes and that’s all they have in their wardrobe! Let’s make these children’s dream come true—it’s just their right! Just 250,00 euros are enough to make all this possible to a Tanzanian child and he/she will remember you for ever!

COLLECTIVE SPONSORSHIP With just a little contribution you can help us support a whole class, a little scheme in a school or at KISEDET Shukurani children care centre. HOW DOES THIS SCHEME WORK ? REGULATIONS FOR CHILD SPONSORSHIP A SPONSOR offers help to a person of whom he/she knows then name, life conditions and progressive developments. He/she takes the moral duty to pay the sum of 250,00 euros—once a year or twice (125,00 euros  every six months). A SPONSOREE is a person who absolutely needs help to make his/her future. The news and photo about him/her will get to the sponsor only by the person in charge to avoid any misunderstandings and/or possible cheats by a third party. The PERSON IN CHARGE is the link between a sponsor and a sponsoree and he/she will stand surety. He/she’s in charge of the choice of the person who’s most in need; the management of the money sent; the control of a sponsoree’s progress; the news from the sponosoree to the sponsor. What’s child sponsorship? That’s not an actual adoption—there’s no legal link between the Italian families and a sponsored child and a child isn’t uprooted from his/her own culture. With the help of a sponsor a child can make his/her future. How long will a sponsor be committed? There’s no time limit. As long as the financial support goes on, the sponsorship will go on—but it’s more on a moral basis than on a bureaucratic one. Can a group be a sponsor ? Yes, of course. Lots of school classes, works committees, companies and even blocks of flats councils have agreed. Even in this case schools or groups will be sent news about the sponsored child. Scruple and competence in sponsorship clearly mean solidarity and rise great expectations. Supporting education isn’t a sterile gift, passively received, maybe with shame and silently—on the contrary it’s a multiplying gift. By offering help on a local basis you will respect people’s culture and won’t make them  leave their hearths and homes, language and traditions. Who’s to be contacted to agree on this scheme? If you want to be a sponsor or support education schemes by scholarships or any of KISEDET activities you can contact : kigwe2000@yahoo.it  or info@gruppotanzaniaonlus.org

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“Shukurani” Centre

KISEDET operates a childrens’ home in Dodoma Town (political and administrative capital of Tanzania) where a series of 45 children aged from 3 to 18 years. It provides them with food, clothing, medical care, education, in practice shall meet their main needs. They all attend primary schools, and secondary, some maternal and other professional schools.
After completing their studies, trying to start them to the world of work, including helping them to build their own life. We hope that some of them may emerge in some way, and maybe can work for KISEDET.
At Kigwe, where KISEDET ngo’s was born, we manage a hostel which houses 25 boys and girls who come from neighboring villages and go to secondary school. Also living with them 10 former street children now attending primary schools and that they are trying to start a whole new life!


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Watoto (Children)



This project supports each year about 550 orphans and disabled children who belong to poor families and street children. Children are often forced to leave school because parents are unable to afford the expenses for the payment of school fees. The children who attend secondary schools are paid for their studies through scholarships. With this method, make sure the payment of: school fees, fees of hostels, examination fee, uniform and shoes etc. ..). For children in primary schools KISEDET provides mais and sugar that are distributed in the form of a mid-morning meal ( this is guaranteed to all children, not just those supported by KISEDET). Also we distribute books, uniforms, mosquito nets etc.


Depending on the funds available KISEDET buy the mais to give these children a meal a day, the mothers contribute with fresh or dried vegetables, beans, depending on the season. We also help families of children to start small businesses. Watoto is the main project of the Organization. KISEDET also supports boys / girls who attend vocational schools (carpentry, mechanics, schools and hospitality industry, etc …), or other courses for teachers of primary and / or secondary courses for veterinarians, laboratory technicians, nurses, etc.


KISEDET also buys textbooks for secondary schools. Unfortunately books are expensive and most people can not afford them. The schools themselves do not have books with the result that teachers are struggling to perform in a professional lessons. By purchasing books, KISEDET helps the whole school and not just the children supported at a distance. That guys have graduated now a government job as teachers, laboratory technicians, etc. … not to mention those who through their work in vocational schools as small artisans.


For some time now, KISEDET is dealing with street children, because, unfortunately, is a phenomenon that continues to rise. Street children,often are not orphans. They usually have step mother or step father, who often mistreat the child “adopted” forcing him to leave the house and prefer street life to family life made of oppression and injustice. Street life will prove to be equally unjust and violent, in fact often these children are subjected to unspeakable violence on the part of the larger ones. They are forced to steal, suffer physical and sexual violence, and to forget this hell begin to make use of narcotic substances including glue, which also takes away the feeling of hunger. The operators of KISEDET go on the street trying to create a relationship with the children, a relationship of trust, respect and affection. Once this then we can propose to the children to come to the welcome home and start school.

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Ethical Shop

Buy one of our ethical products through Group Tanzania Onlus website. All profits for to KISEDET’s projects



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KISEDET Newsletter 2013 – ITA

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